(Fee applies if outside of area)

  • Garden Building

    We specialize in 4×4 square foot gardens but we would love to create any custom garden you desire!  From traditional in-ground to above ground, to square foot gardens, herb gardens or anything else you can conceive of! There are many creative ways to use your space to maximize output.

  • Non-GMO, Non- Hybrid Seeds

    If you are in need of seeds or plants, we keep a stock of non-genetically modified, non-hybrid seeds for you to purchase.

  • Maintenance

    If you do not have the time to weed, clean, and water your garden, let us do it for you! We offer weekly maintenance depending on your needs!

  • Composting

    If you would like to begin composting from your home we are more than happy to build a container for you! If you are interested in composting but don’t have space to do it from home please consider our Compost Collection Service!

  • Soil/Dirt/Mulch Delivery

    We use locally produced soil from the Last Organic Outpost community farm in Houston’s Historic 5th Ward. All of our jobs feature soil from the farm. If you simply want soil we are available for soil delivery! (Price depends on your location from the farm)

  • Future Services

    We will soon be offering cloche/greenhouse building, irrigation drip lines, bio-gas digesters, and other alternative technologies that can help you become more sustainable and independent!



  • We accept federal reserve notes (cash), gold, silver, bitcoin, barters and/or exchanges.

  • 4×4 Square Foot Gardens (includes plants/seeds, soil, consultation, and build) – $175

  • For custom jobs we charge $15/hr for the labor per gardener needed.

  • Monthly Maintenance fees are $60/ month for a weekly visit. Each visit includes care of plants, watering, and treatment with beneficial microbes. 

  • The customer pays for materials and fuel. Depending on your exact needs this could include everything from organic soil, mulch, and/or building material.