• Are you tired of producing waste and contributing to landfills?
  • Would you like to learn more about composting?
  • Would you like to support local farms and gardens?

We are happy to partner with local farms and community gardens for our Community Compost Collection program! The first farm we are working with is the Last Organic Outpost! Not only will OGFA pick up your waste and turn it into fresh soil but we will pick up and deliver your bins via bicycle! (limited areas)

You are supporting local farms and businesses and doing so with the peace of mind that you are not adding to local pollution!

Here’s How It Works:

  • 1. Contact OGFA and sign up for our Compost Collection program!
  • 2. OGFA will drop off your compost bin at your doorstep!
  • 4. Once a week, one of our gardeners will come pick up your bin and leave a clean one!
  • 5. The waste is taken to local farms and added to existing compost piles where it will eventually turn into fresh soil!
  • 6. Collect fresh soil from the compost at the end of the month!


  • Compost Collection via bike – $25/month; $140/6 months; $275/ 1 year
  • Compost Collection via vehicle- $30/month; $170/6 months; $330/ 1 year

Bike Travel: Right now we are focused on neighborhoods near downtown, expanding soon.

We accept federal reserve notes (cash), gold, silver, bitcoin, barters and/or exchanges.