Working with Young Gardeners

One of the greatest joy’s Derrick and I share is working with children, especially when gardening is involved. It really is an amazing experience to be a part of such magical moments when families decide to take the plunge into self-sustainability and the entire family is involved. Today we had the pleasure of meeting a family that home-schools their two boys and who are currently in the first steps of  living a sustainable lifestyle. We had the joy of sharing our knowledge and experience, as well as the boys helping us during the planting process. The oldest of the two, told us of his indoor gardening project and other projects he had going and we got to help him come up with some new ideas and left him with some helpful tips. It is such a powerful thing to see when young minds are already gearing towards a natural and sustainable lifestyle and it is in these moments we are reminded of the impact of our actions. We are constantly planting seeds and influencing the youth, so what better seed to plant than one that grows into more than just food!

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